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Welcome to Mucheki Consulting – Enterprise Resource Planning by Business & Supply Chain Specialists

End-to-end Resource Planning Solutions

We are a trusted provider of  custom-designed, end-to-end enterprise resource planning solutions to businesses in South Africa and across the African continent. Utilising the ideal ERP platform for mid-sized to large businesses – Sage X3, we help enterprises integrate all of their information and management processes into a single, manageable portal that enables a unified view of the entire supply chain.

And because we take a practical, business-styled approach to ERP that is relevant to the real, changing nature of business, our solutions are perfectly aligned to the operational needs of growing enterprises in  terms of both format and functionality.

Sage X3

Sage X3 is the ideal mid-market enterprise resource planning solution: it adapts itself to the needs of your business and not the other way around, and is cost-effective. It is also easy to use and quick to implement. Its main function is to integrate information and processes from across the enterprise into a single, common system that can be viewed via a simple interface.

Sage X3 Human Resources

Sage X3 Human Resources integrates seamlessly with accounting, helping you take control over your workforce costs in a more efficient way, without having to transfer information manually or between different systems.
With Sage X3 People you are able to store full records of your employees…Learn More

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