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Six things to know before you start a business

21 February 2019 By Nikki Summers, Regional Director for Sage in East Africa East Africa is alive with opportunities for entrepreneurs. A boom in high-speed internet connectivity, the high penetration rate of mobile phones, and a dynamic, youthful population have created fertile ground for new businesses. In the process, entrepreneurs are creating new jobs, boosting prosperity, […]

10 Supply Chain Trends That Boost Shareholder Value

Research conducted by the University of Tennessee has identified 10 definite “game-changing” supply chain ideas that can make companies more competitive. The UT supply chain management faculty identified the points after surveying 163 supply chain professionals from 132 companies. “World-class companies need to revisit these trends on a regular basis to stay abreast in today’s […]

The 10 Supply Chain Trends Businesses Cannot Ignore

By Boris Felgendreher   Supply chain is no longer an afterthought for CFOs, CEOs, investors and board members. As the supply chain rises to be a key concern for businesses, GT Nexus has identified a number of trends that can be expected this year:   1. Networked companies come out ahead. Collaboration is a critical […]

5 Steps to Developing an Excellent Supply Chain

Developing an excellent supply chain is key to achieving and enhancing competencies that are vital to the success of a business, qualities such as productivity, efficiency and quality. Your supply chain is the key to your responsiveness to customer needs and greatly affects the profitability of your business. In order to develop an excellent supply […]

The Fifth Element of Marketing: Supply Chain Management

The existence of competition means that there is always a need to differentiate your products and services from those of other enterprises in your space. And because nowadays product differentiation is hardly a significant factor in many industries, the only way to do this is sometimes through means beyond the popular planes of marketing. It […]

Mucheki Consulting West African Chapter Expanded

In line with our vision to enable African companies to become globally competitive, we recently teamed up with local partners in Ghana and Nigeria to facilitate the provision of an unparalleled Sage ERP X3 consulting and implementation services in the West African market?. Our partner companies in the new collaboration include Multisoft Ghana, Beta Computers […]

What makes an ERP solution more usable?

Originally posted on www.sageerpx3.com Having the same look and feel—no matter the device You can accomplish much more, much faster when you can access full ERP functionality online, using your browser and mobile device of choice. With Sage ERP X3 version 7, you can go where your business takes you—check on inventory, take orders, approve […]

Take Back Control of Your Business

Originally posted on www.sageerpx3.com As volume increases, many business processes that used to work—no longer do. When finance utilizes one management program, warehouse another, and sales yet another, you lose control over workflows and communication. To sustain profitable growth, you must take back control of your business processes.   Controlled growth To take back control, […]