Mucheki Consulting West African Chapter Expanded

In line with our vision to enable African companies to become globally competitive, we recently teamed up with local partners in Ghana and Nigeria to facilitate the provision of an unparalleled Sage ERP X3 consulting and implementation services in the West African market?. Our partner companies in the new collaboration include Multisoft Ghana, Beta Computers and Lagetronix.

The move takes place on the cusp of a trend of substantial economic growth that is currently taking place in the region and specifically in its manufacturing sectors where new demand is being created for better product and service quality enabled by state of the art business information systems such as Sage ERP X3.

A positive economic outlook

The Ghanaian economy expanded by 7.1 percent in 2013, led by faster growth in the country’s financial services sector. And while this sector continues to grow, the mainstay of the west African country’s economy, like many African countries, remains its agricultural sector. Ghana’s industry output, which includes manufacturing and oil production, expanded by 7 percent in 2013, while agriculture rose by 5.2 percent.

In response to this trend, we will be commencing activity in the country’s manufacturing and supply chain industry in June and we are looking forward to sharing our skills with local service providers and expanding Sage ERP X3’s footprint in West Africa.

Enabling African companies to become globally competitive

A recent growth trend in local support for the market-leading product in Ghana and surrounding countries has meant that a sustainable, confident market for Sage ERP X3 is steadily developing and promises to be established in the near future.

Most exciting about our latest move is the active role that we are set to play as contributors toward making African companies globally competitive through structured business intelligence that will improve product and service quality as well as efficiency. In addition to the many benefits of Sage ERP X3, Mucheki Consulting underlines an emphasis on creating a good and long lasting relationship with all our customers. We foster a commitment to transferring as much knowledge as possible to customers so that they are not heavily dependent on us for support, and follow an implementation methodology that encourages customer participation and a sense of ownership for the project.

We understand business processes, supply chain management principles and we are certified in the same so that our consultants are able to competently engage our customers at every level of the business. Our prime focus as an IT services provider is not only software sales but the provision of practical solutions to real business problems.