Core Services

  • Sage Enterprise Management Implementation

    As a result of our unmatched implementation experience, our clients benefit from better business intelligence, streamlined business operations, reduced costs, increased quality levels, enhanced collaboration and business growth.

  • Sage Enterprise Management Training

    Our training to our customers is structured in such a way that full knowledge transfer takes place to our clients’ project teams and users such that at the end of the implementation project, the clients can run their operations using Sage X3 without a heavy dependence on our consultants thus saving the clients on consulting fees. Other business partners think differently about this. Our consultant training programs provide training in all the Sage X3 modules from the elementary to expert levels.

  • Project and Change Management

    While Project management is about managing the difference between plan and reality and reducing the difference over time, our experience has taught us that Change management must be an integral part of the project management process from the beginning to the end. With the support of our project team and the client’s top management, we lead this initiative to ensure a smooth transition for all system users.

  • Sage Enterprise Management Implementation Audits

    Auditing the effectiveness of Sage X3 implementation and checking alignment between business requirements and the product’s application (by request from Sage). Upon request from Sage, we can conduct a comprehensive audit of the effectiveness of your company’s implementation of Sage X3, checking aspects such as: the alignment of the system with your business process; the acceptance of the system by staff; the ROI from the business system, as well as the quality and accuracy of the supply chain information produced by the system.

  • Best Operating Practices in Supply Chains

    Being Supply Chain Management experts, we are able to provide you with detailed guidelines on how you can best optimize your supply chain and obtain the greatest value from your workplace systems. Our advice is based on a solid knowledge of business and business processes, as well as on years of experience in supply chain management.

Specialty Areas

Best Practice Consulting

Mucheki Consulting provides solutions to some of the most commonly encountered business problems such as:

  •   High inventory levels
  •   Non-optimal processes
  •   Challenges with quality
  •   Poor customer service management
  •   High cost issues
  •   Huge waste in processes and time
  •   Process inefficiencies