The Impact of Data Effectiveness on Business Outcomes – Full Report

Do companies with more user-friendly and accessible enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems enjoy more positive business outcomes? Are they more profitable? Do highly effective ERP systems help create a sharper upswing of revenue growth? How much difference does effective data really make to business success?

To answer these questions, Sage commissioned IDG Research Services to conduct a study of medium-sized businesses in North America and Europe to explore the business implications (in US dollars) of improving data access and usability, and better understand the associations between the overall effectiveness of the ERP infrastructure and business profitability, revenue, projected growth, and so on. In other words, how do key business outcomes change as accessibility, usability, and insight into business information improves—even by small increments?

The research aimed to explore how investments in ERP solutions that address four data attributes—accessibility, usability, quality, and intelligence—can impact key business outcomes, such as revenue growth, profitability, sales (including sales to new customers and of new products/services), operational efficiency, and market penetration.