What to look out for at the 2014 Sage ERP X3 Global Convention

Sage ERP X3 recently announced its annual global convention to be held in Portugal from the 12-15th May 2014 at the Conrinthia Hotel in Lisbon. The global event attracts droves of people from the worldwide Sage network every year and is this year expected to draw well over 700 attendants.

The conference is designed to support business development and knowledge sharing, and to give customers, prospects and business partners the opportunity to learn and share through keynote speeches, workshops and breakout sessions. But what can delegates specifically expect from this year’s event?

According to Sage ERP X3 CEO, Christophe Letellier, “The 2014 conference is especially exciting as I will be making a major announcement about the next generation of Sage ERP X3…which will be a key ‘moment in time’ for Sage. We would like to invite all our customers, prospects and business partners from around the world to join us in Lisbon to be the first to find out about this exciting news and be part of the action.”

Letellier explains that Sage believes in providing users with solutions that put them in control of their business. “If your people can access and share the information they need easily and effectively, they can start to dramatically impact the company’s ability to win new customers and grow a profitable business,” he says. Today’s mid-market business is faced with two major challenges in the current, competitive market: growing sales and eliminating inefficiencies.

The Sage ERP X3 Global Convention allows current and prospective clients the opportunity to share their challenges and expectations from the ERP for future development consideration. This year’s event will also feature a full exhibition area that will provide delegates with an ideal platform for face-to-face international networking.

For more information on the conference, you may visit http://convention.sageerpx3.com