About Us

A Distinct Business Approach to Enterprise Resource Planning

With over 15 years of product knowledge and implementation experience across a range of industries, we can boldly say that we live and breathe business and supply chain management.

Our distinct business approach to ERP means that we are sensitive to our clients’ overall business goals and are able to get to the heart of some of the most complex business structures in order to craft simple solutions. Because we understand that our clients require enterprise resource planning systems that fit  right into their unique business models and meet up to their changing business requirements, we specialise in extending the capability of the product over and above its standard functionality to allow a substantial degree of configuration while limiting development to less than twenty percent.

This in-depth business and Supply Chain knowledge and approach is invariably what differentiates us from other partners. Most of our consultants hold APICS certifications in Supply Chain Management (CSCP) and Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) – qualifications that are recognized worldwide.

Uncompromising on Quality

ERP implementations can only be considered effective if they have met several control requirements and passed various quality checkpoints. For us, quality is a requirement that can never be compromised. Instead of waiting till the end of a project to perform a quality check, we build quality assessment into the entire ERP implementation process, ensuring quality and integrity in every system we implement, every step of the way.

Your Sage Medium Segment Partner of Choice

In terms of product, business knowledge and technical expertise, we are by far the partner of choice. We are continually growing our customer base, our consulting teams and our business skills in order to compete at the highest levels in global markets. Our clients are mostly mid-sized to large companies with an interest in optimising their operational efficiency by fully aligning all aspects of their business processes. Our main objective is to ensure seamless communication between every node of our customers’ business and to unify all the elements and processes within their automated functions, thus enhancing their business’ overall operational efficiency.


Churchward Mucheki - CEO

Leading our team is Engineer Churchward Mucheki, who has been in the ERP space since 1997 and is recognized as the leading Sage X3 expert outside of Europe. His unmatched experience with the product and longevity in the ERP space enables us to offer solutions that are second to none. While working with the principal, Sage, Churchward was responsible for coaching, mentoring, training and supporting most of the existing Sage business partners from the very beginning. As a result, his understanding of the requirements for excellence in the implementation and configuration of the product is unmatched in Africa. Churchward has been involved in the implementation of most of the Sage projects undertaken on the continent and carries this experience into every new project he undertakes.

Our Team & Culture

Our people are our biggest asset. Over and above building a skilled team, we place great emphasis on the professionalism and attitude with which our team approaches our clients and responds to their needs. Professionalism is of the utmost importance in what we do and characterises the qualitative service we deliver to our clients. We believe that there should be no compromise on quality and strive to produce this professionally in every aspect of our service delivery process.