The New Normal: Continue Business, Digitally

While things are far from the normal we once knew, with the business world now largely defined by hybrid working setups, you can welcome the new normal with sound innovation from SigniFlow.

As coronavirus restrictions begin to ease across the world, roads are starting to get busier; sidewalks are beginning to bustle with pedestrians again, and the lights of many long-dormant shops and businesses are being turned on.

But we continue to keep our distance from one another. The office water cooler is not the hub of conversation it once was, Monday mornings are not abuzz like they once were, and bricks-and-mortar businesses see fewer feet than ever before.

While things seem to be regaining some some semblance of the normal we once knew, in reality that “normal” is long gone. Instead, we now find ourselves in what is widely being referred to as “the new normal”.

In the business world, the new normal denotes a kind of hybrid culture, with the workforce largely divided between work-from-home and work-from-office scenarios. But the slow shift from a fully work-from-home setup, to a hybrid one, has not changed the fact that doing business is a far cry from what it once was.

Doing everyday things that were previously basic, autopilot office tasks like signing purchase orders or sales contracts, or internal processes between employees such as basic coordination of daily business activities, or leave approvals and capex requests, is a challenge as we continue to practise social distancing.

But the challenge is not insurmountable, especially in the digital age we are fortunate to live in. SigniFlow offers a failsafe solution for any “new normal” hybrid structure that is simple, fast and sure.

There is no need to lose any level of control, or to interrupt business operations. In fact, in many cases the technology businesses have been driven to newly adopt has proven to increase efficiency.

With our existing customers, we have seen first-hand how they have been able to seamlessly adapt to the new normal, simply by using the same software they have been using for years. Whether something straightforward, like leave approvals or claim forms – or higher-level procedures involving legally binding contracts and non-disclosure agreements, SigniFlow users have effortlessly transitioned and, in spite of the disruption that has gripped the business world, are enjoying business as usual.

Internationally compliant and legally accepted, SigniFlow is digital signature workflow software that fully digitises – and enhances – any process that requires a document to be signed or approved. It is process automation software that fits into your environment and works the way you need it to work.

With just a simple home setup, a standard office outfit and Internet connectivity, SigniFlow can enable your hybrid network, literally in minutes. Our software will allow you to send documents for signing, receive and sign documents, and keep an audit trail of every single step of every business process and communication carried out – all 100% remote processes, with no human interaction necessary at any point.

Whether your business is in real estate, financial services, secretarial, tax or admin services – or even in the medical industry, where digital scripts and procedure sign-offs are now a necessity, our suite of digital enablers makes it possible for business operations to continue between setups and with clients, without any interruption.

To get more information on how we can enable your new normal and empower your business long into the future, contact us.